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IT jobs matching for candidates and recruiters

Let's make IT recruitment fun and fast again! JobStack matches experts with recruiters like modern online dating apps.

There are lots of IT job opportunities nowadays, but candidates often feel spammed with offers. Recruitment process can be really long.

Do you want to find the perfect well-paid job for your experience? Or mayby want to hire people that are really interested in your open positions? JobStack mobile app is for you!

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For Candidates

  • No more nonsense

    Dearest IT colleagues, are you sometimes fed up with tons of irrelevant offers you get on career portals? Feeling bored, angry or even nuts by spamming with offers? With JobStack it is not the case anymore

  • Direct contact with Recruiter

    You get a direct contact to the living Person who is offering you a position. Forget about tricky recruitment processes and get in touch with Recruiter immediately! No more "Thank you for the application and we will contact you"

  • Comparable & concrete salary

    We appreciate numbers... but what does it mean for you if a job posting has 5-25K salary range? JobStack gives you an accurate, custom salary estimation per offer based on your experience and seniority level. We take many other real-life factors into account such as contract type, paid/unpaid holidays, etc.

For Recruiters

  • Find the right Expert in no time

    JobStack is like an online dating app for IT recruitment process. It lets you find the perfect candidate for an offer, while he or she is also interested in it. This boosts your chances of successful recruitment

  • Verified job experience

    JobStack is created by real IT professionals with 10+ years experience in the battle. We know how to assess and measure Candidates's skills so they never get over (or under) estimated

  • Build the trust and contact

    Right after finding the matching Candidate, we give you a limited time to contact him or her. You can chat immediately or even arrange meeting in person, if you are located close to each other. What can be better for building the trust?

Mateusz MetelskiTomasz Białecki

About JobStack

Let's make recruitment 3×F:
Fast, Friendly & Fun

JobStack was founded in 2019 by Tomasz Białecki and Mateusz Metelski in the technology heart of Europe - Wrocław, Poland. Both friends share a common vision of software development, although look from two different angles: development and design.

When asked about the idea, Mateusz and Tomasz say: "Being experienced in IT world, we know how the recruitment works from both sides - recruitment's and candidate's. We understood what it lacks and wanted to propose a totally new way of connecting recruiters with candidates. We think JobStack will be a game changer"